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I Need to Attract More Customers!

Do you have a product or message to share, but cannot seem to connect with your customers? We can help.

I Need a Fresh, Hassle-Free Website

Do you struggle to win new customers with your website? You focus on your business–we’ll focus on your message.

I Struggle With Technology!

Does technology hold your home or business back from being effective? Let us take the wheel from you. 

5 Good Reasons Why Selling Your Product or Service is Not Slimy

Most business owners begin doing what they do out of a deep love or passion for the work. But as I’ve written here, it eventually sets in that your business’ continued growth relies solely on you. And, as I’ve written here, this is especially difficult for those who...
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The #1 way to Capture More Customers with Less Effort

It’s a misnomer that, in order to have success and a huge pipeline of leads, you need to excel at sales. The reality is that many small business owners hate the idea of selling, ultimately, because they have the wrong idea of it! In fact, we’ll talk about this next...
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Why You Should Leverage Technology to Achieve Seamless Living

Many of us have used technology to radically change and transform the way we do business. If we were to really take inventory of our lives, however, I bet we'd find that many of us are cheating ourselves. What I mean by that is that the technology we have available to...
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Reader Question: How to advertise with little to no startup money?

From time to time, we search out Facebook Groups for questions and invite questions from readers of the Blog. A Facebook questioner recently asked, "How do you advertise your small business if you have little to no startup money?" This is a great question, and one...
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4 Steps to Leading Change in Your Small Business

In case you haven’t noticed by now, leadership is hard. Concerning business leadership, best-selling author Dave Ramsey writes in Entreleadership, "The problem with your company is not the economy, it is not the lack of opportunity, it is not your team. The problem is...
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3 Reasons Why I’m Not a Website Designer!

And no, the blog post title was not clickbait! In fact, I don’t really consider myself to be a website designer or developer! This may sound strange coming from the owner of a "web design" company, but if you’ll allow me the space to elaborate, I think you’ll see my...
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The Real Goal of Your Small Business Website (it’s not more visitors!)

With all of the marketing advice floating around the Internet, it's likely that you have either the wrong idea about your website goals or just no idea at all. This is sad, because utilized properly, your website is core and central to your "marketing machine." I've...
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3 Ways We Help Small Businesses Grow and Succeed

Every small business owner that I've ever met desires to do one thing: Grow! If that's not your goal, I can respect that, for sure, but our business model is centered around the growth and success of YOUR business--ours simply grows as a result of your success. If you...
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Growing Your Small Business for the Glory of God

I am a Christian. This is something I typically make very clear in my web copy and other literature, and from time to time, I like to do a blog post that rests heavily on that perspective (see this one and this one). My love for Jesus Christ compels me to do the best...
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The ABC’s of Crucifying Your Hesitations

I recently wrote an article about how small business owners need to get the ball rolling with respect to social media. One of the pieces of advice that I gave was the need to crucify your hesitations about social media as a small business owner. And, the more I...
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