NorthMac is a WordPress, Content Marketing, and Technology Consultancy with one thought in mind: helping small businesses build trust and win more customers. We aim to understand your business at a deep level and help you to better communicate your value. If you have big goals, you’re not alone. We’ll help you accomplish them, and become good friends along the way. -Steve

Which Best Describes You?

I Need to Attract More Customers!

Do you have a product or message to share, but cannot seem to connect with your customers? We can help.

I Need a Fresh, Hassle-Free Website

Do you struggle to win new customers with your website? You focus on your business–we’ll focus on your message.

I Struggle With Technology!

Does technology hold your home or business back from being effective? Let us take the wheel from you. 

3 Ways We Help Small Businesses Grow and Succeed

Every small business owner that I've ever met desires to do one thing: Grow! If that's not your goal, I can respect that, for sure, but our business model is centered around the growth and success of YOUR business--ours simply grows as a result of your success. If you...
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Growing Your Small Business for the Glory of God

I am a Christian. This is something I typically make very clear in my web copy and other literature, and from time to time, I like to do a blog post that rests heavily on that perspective (see this one and this one). My love for Jesus Christ compels me to do the best...
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The ABC’s of Crucifying Your Hesitations

I recently wrote an article about how small business owners need to get the ball rolling with respect to social media. One of the pieces of advice that I gave was the need to crucify your hesitations about social media as a small business owner. And, the more I...
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Paid Content vs. Free Content: The Struggle is R.E.A.L.

As you begin to build your sales funnel and develop your marketing plan, you will quickly find that there will be a huge power struggle between the kind of content you give away for free and what you will charge for. This same consideration has affected my business as...
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What is a Sales Funnel and How Do I Use One?

One of the most important things for you to understand as a small business owner is how the marketing process works, especially in respect to the digital landscape. But despite the growing number of younger entrepreneurs and the widespread reach of the Internet, I...
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6 Easy Steps to Build Your Small Business Email List (+ Why you should do it NOW!)

In today's small business economy, little matters more than building a level of trust and respect with your potential customers. As we've written about before, this trust can be built in a variety of ways. With so many methods of communication, however, it can...
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Why Every Small Business Owner Should Become a Thought Leader

In the noisy world we live in, it can be easy to slip underneath the current—no matter how hard you yell and scream for attention (traditional advertising), no one seems to be buying your product or services. I understand your frustration, and I think I have some...
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The Divi Difference: Why I use Divi Theme to Build Awesome Small Business Websites

There is nothing worse, as a small business owner, than not having a clue what to do when it comes to websites and internet marketing. It seems like a select few just have the “magic sauce” that helps them win, and everyone is left with only two options: Somehow,...
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3 Strategies for Small Business Success on Social Media

Understanding social media can be extremely difficult and intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! A small business that is not using social media will have a hard time competing in today’s marketplace much longer. When I first started NorthMac Services, I was...
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3 Steps to Building a Completely Useless Website

I see it all the time. A few years go by and a small business website begins to look dated. The owner, worried about their image, begins looking for a designer to build a new website. Problem is, the owner has no CLUE who to hire! This is a common and unfortunate...
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“AWESOME service. Had an all but dead MacBook Pro that had a swelling battery and needed some good TLC in general. NorthMac revived it, updated software, now it’s back. Couldn’t be nicer, fabulous service!”

Rebecca McNeely

Photographer, CAPTURE PR & Marketing

“Excellent service. Very responsive. Very knowledgeable.”

Mo Ogburn

Attorney At Law, Blanco Tackabery

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