Support When You Need It Most


Your Personal Help Desk

Have you ever spent hours “googling” what you think should be an easy problem to fix, only to never come across the answer? Or, have you ever called “Technical Support” and couldn’t even communicate with the person on the other end of the line? Wouldn’t it be easier to have an individual that you personally know and trust “On-Call” that you could ask these questions, in confidence that they would know the answer? With our QuickSupport service you can call or email as often as your need up to 15 minutes per incident*. We can even attach to your computer remotely to resolve smaller issues. This ensures that you always have the expertise of a professional a phone call or email away!

  • Residential…………………..$25/month
  • SMB 1-5 employees……..$50/month
  • SMB 6-20 employees……$175/month
  • SMB 20+ employees…….Call for pricing


Common QuickSupport Requests:
  • My Mac is running slowly.
  • Emails are not coming through.
  • Webpages are not loading.
  • Which Mac should I purchase?
  • Which application would help me?
  • Can my Mac do this?
ActiveAware Integration:
  • This service integrates nicely with our ActiveAware product. Residential users receive ActiveAware Home for free with a QuickSupport subscription. Business users enjoy a $5/Mac/month discount on our ActiveAware Business product. These two services work well together to provide a strong proactive maintenance plan for you or your business.

*Any call/email chain lasting greater than 15 minutes will be billed at our prearranged hourly billing rate.