Generation Mobile


A Mobile World

Why Mobile?

We understand the changing technology landscape. Each and every day, more businesses and individuals are replacing their computers with mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. Wearable tech such as the Apple Watch is becoming more popular, as are devices like the Time Capsule and Apple TV which integrate seamlessly into our lives at home. NorthMac offers a variety of support options on these devices.

iDevice Services
  • iPhone Repair/Support*
  • iPad Repair/Support*
  • iPod Touch Repair/Support*
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Apple Watch Support
  • Apple TV Configuration
  • Time Machine/Time Capsule Configuration
iPad For Business
  • Many are not aware of the advantages of having a lightweight tool such as the iPad available for business use. They are manageable using MDM tools, are more flexible in remote situations, and handle emails, web browsing, and document creation/sharing extremely well. Contact us today to learn more about integrating the iPad into your mobile workforce.


*Hardware repairs will only be performed on devices with expired warranties and without Applecare +.