"I want to put a ding in the universe." - Steve Jobs

What Would You Like To Learn?

We’d like for our “ding” to be the education and empowerment of those who use technology. Are you new to the Apple community? You’ve come to the right place! We don’t just “do” technology, we love technology! The passion runs deep for Apple products here at NorthMac, and in order to share that passion with you, we have a few great one-on-one learning opportunities available.



Intro to Mac/Basic OS X Training

Our Intro to Mac course will give you the knowledge you need to hit the ground running with the Mac. This is especially useful if you are coming from a Windows environment! We’ll show you how everything works, and make sure you can still communicate effectively with others, even if they use Windows or another Operating System. Need more? Our Basic OS X Training is designed to answer your specific questions based on what you expect out of your new Mac.


iPhone/iPad/iOS Training

Mobile is the future! Receive a new iPad as gift but clueless as to how to use it? Did your family finally talk to you into getting the new iPhone, but didn’t show you how to perform basic tasks? We can help! We have owned iPhones, iPods, and iPads respectively since they each debuted. We know all the basics, and all the tricks! You’ll be doing things you never knew were possible with your mobile device in no time!

Cloud Course

Our favorite thing about the Apple world is watching everything work together. If you have a house full of Apple products, it’s important that they are all properly talking to each other. Example: if you are receiving your son or daughters text messages, your devices are probably not configured correctly! We’ll help you get everything set up the way you like and need, and show you how easily and seamlessly your content moves from one place to the next.


All one-on-one training classes are two (2) hours long, and cost just $70.

What Do I Need To Bring?

  • Your Device(s)
  • Notepad + Writing Utensil
  • A detailed list explaining what you would like to learn (this is required, and will need to be approved prior to taking the class).

Family & Business Group Training

Please contact us for details and special pricing regarding group training for families and businesses. We do have a classroom space available, and would be glad to accommodate group classes up to 20 members per class. This is great if you are a business moving to the Mac platform, or if you are integrating iPads/iPhones into your business. Families can also take advantage of group training, and we offer both in-home and classroom opportunities for our family groups.

In addition, group classes are entirely custom. We will design a curriculum from the ground up based upon the needs of your home or business, and adjust the classroom time and pricing to fit your schedule and budget. Let us make your life easier by making your transition to Apple a seamless process.