What's In A Blog?

Your customers’ story.


 A Blog is filled with the content that makes your customers tick. 

*When you google a question looking for an answer, guess where you’ll usually land?

A Blog.

*Guess what leading studies suggest will drive 97% more customers to your website?

A Blog.

*When you want your customers to know that YOU are the authority in your space, where do you start?


Blogging accomplishes two major things:


More Leads

When you consistently create new content and share it with others, you are inviting potential customers to your website – to show them that YOU are where they should look FIRST for their information. 


More Conversions

When you blog, give away the farm! DIY’ers have scared businesses into not sharing information. Don’t fall for it! Customers will buy – they just need to know that you know what you are talking about!

Select a Plan:

The Scribe

*Get your feet wet
  • One blog post per month tailored for your potential customers, written and uploaded to WordPress.

The Novelist

*Attract and convert customers
  • One blog post per week tailored for your potential customers, written and uploaded to WordPress and up to four social media outlets.

*All blog posts are optimized for search engines and readability.

Still not sure blogging is right for your business?

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