NorthMac is a web design and content marketing service with one thought in mind: helping small businesses build trust and win more customers. We don’t just build websites and produce content–we get in the boat with your business as you aim to take over the world. If you have big goals, you’re not alone. We’ll help you accomplish them, and become good friends along the way. -Steve


Blog & Content Strategy

Are you creating engaging content for your customers? Studies show this can increase conversions by over 50%! We can help develop your strategy.

Managed Websites

In today’s economy, a solid, active web presence is vital. We can help get you noticed online and build a website that will constantly work for you.

IT Services

Is IT your pain point? We specialize in residential and small business solutions for Apple products and can help with other IT and networking solutions.

The Terrifying Truth about Owning a Small Business

The entrepreneurial spirit is something that has always been prevalent in the United States. Many eventually give up on that dream, but nevertheless, some part of it lingers on. In this day we see many quitting their full time jobs to freelance in the field they...
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3 Unlikely Small Business Essentials

This past week, my family was blessed to welcome another brand new member. His name is Jaxon. He is a sweet little boy, and has already been an incredible blessing to my family. Because of his birth, I have taken the entire last week off to take time with my family...
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3 Ways to Attract your Ideal Customer

One of the absolute best ways to succeed in your small business is to define and identify who your target customer is, or your "ideal" customer. There is a number of ways this can be done. Probably the most common is to create what is called a Buyer Persona. At...
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How to Speak your Customers’ Language to Build Trust and Win More Sales

Your customers have a language of their own. It depends largely on what type of business you are running, but one of the absolute best ways to connect with them is to understand how they speak. Language is a funny thing. It is largely affected by the amount of...
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The ABC’s of Focused Intensity at Work

Whatever phase of work life you are in, I can assure you that peak performance and focused intensity are a big deal to somebody. If you are a small business owner like many of my readers, then it's likely that person is you! You may be currently be employed and...
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Use Optimized Keywords to Win More Local Customers

Arguably, the biggest challenge every business faces is attracting more customers. Even the biggest of businesses, who could survive seemingly for a long time on their own merit, actively participates in marketing efforts to bring in new customers. There are many ways...
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STOP! 4 Reasons You Should Never “Buy”​ A Website Again!

We, as small business owners, are living in very confusing times. We hear all sorts of messages about what new platform we should be using, and the moment we adopt one, something new has come on the scene! This same thing has proven true of web development. At this...
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Paving the Way: How Christian Businesses can Find the Best Way Forward in 2017

Whenever the new year rolls around, it is inevitable that individuals and small businesses alike will begin goal-setting. There are many different areas in which we'd all like to improve, and for good reason--we can't move forward while standing still! The inherent...
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The Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

According to research conducted by marketing giant Hubspot, companies who blog will receive 97% more links to their website. That means that if your business is not actively blogging right now to attract new customers, you are missing out on potentially DOUBLING your...
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3 Reasons Why You Should Reboot Your Computer Often

Think back to the last time you called a tech support company, or even googled for answers about troubleshooting a computer problem. It's highly likely that the very first step you came across was to reboot your computer. I want to share a thought or two with you...
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“AWESOME service. Had an all but dead MacBook Pro that had a swelling battery and needed some good TLC in general. NorthMac revived it, updated software, now it’s back. Couldn’t be nicer, fabulous service!”

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Photographer, CAPTURE PR & Marketing

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